Your Population Health Care Team

We believe it’s important to have the resources and support you need to live a happy and healthy life.


Personalized care that gives you time for the things you enjoy most.

Ask your primary care provider about any of the services below
and they can refer you for more information.

Care Connection Hub

Our Care Connection team will call you within 48 hours of being discharged from the hospital to make sure you have what you need at home, understand your care plan, and are scheduled for a follow-up with your primary care physician.

Dedicated nurses

Dedicated nurses will reach out to you to provide unique healthcare education, reminders, and/or medication review for complex care management.

Digital Health Tools

We provide digital health monitoring to support your health and wellbeing at home, and in your community. Ranging from blood pressure to mental health, and many other monitoring types.

Health Coaching

If you have an ongoing health condition, such as diabetes, mild depression or weight management, we offer group and one-on-one texting to aide in support of behavior changes and education to meet your health goals, both mind and body.

In-Home Services and
Community Resources

We have trusted partners in the community who help us to support you and your home health needs.

Questions about your
Managed Care HMO?

If you have a UCSD Health HMO plan, our team helps process timely prior authorizations so you have peace of mind knowing that the care you need is covered.

Social Work

Social workers can provide you with health plan benefit knowledge and can link you to community resources, transportation, in home services, meal delivery, referrals for counseling and other social services.

UCSD at Home

A UCSD Health medical care team provides home and Skilled Nursing Facility visits to ensure continuity of care. They help avoid an unnecessary emergency room visit and/or hospitalization. Your physician will be kept in the loop.

Health Plan Questions or Concerns?

For HMO or Medicare Advantage plans:

Please contact UC San Diego Health’s Population Health Customer Service Department

Phone: (619) 471-9123


For PPO plans:

Please contact UC San Diego Health’s Contracting Department

Phone: (858) 249-3560


Available Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Emails will be answered within two business days (M-F)