Performance Measures

Provider Resources: UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network Performance Measures (CIN & ACO)

Accessing Your Practice's Performance Measures

All providers within the Affiliated Network (the CIN and the MSSP ACO) will have access to three reports all accessed via the BI Launch Pad. ACO Participants will have access to their attributed beneficiary lists through this tool.

Access to the BI Launch Pad is secured via login as well as limited access through the Affiliated Network portal. This portal provides access to a variety of tools including Epic Community Connect. See the Tip Sheet for instructions on accessing your Performance Measures. Or use the quick steps below. Go to:

Affiliated Network portal

  1. Log in using your Active Directory (AD) account credentials.
  2. Complete two-factor authentication (2FA) - this portal is secured using 2FA which requires confirming your identify using your login/password and a response from your smart phone. UC San Diego Health uses Duo, a secure application on your smart phone, to provide the second authentication every time you log onto the Affiliated Network portal. See detailed instructions on enrolling in Duo.
  3. Launch Internet Explorer shortcut within the clinical web portal (CWP).
  4. Navigate to the BI Launch Pad using the IE bookmark:
  5. Epic and Community Connect users will already be logged in through the Affiliated Network portal. Epic users can also launch their performance measures through Epic.