ACO Training

Training Resources for ACO Participant Providers

Training & Education

ACO Participant Providers: Through the links below, you will find training resources, webinars and seminar dates for the Accountable Care Network (MSSP ACO). AD login is required for this secured content.

Compliance Training

Participant providers of UC San Diego Health Accountable Care Network, an MSSP ACO, are required by CMS regulations to attest to completing appropriate education and training related to the Network’s compliance program requirements and how to identify, correct and prevent potential fraud, waste and abuse. This attestation of compliance is made annually for all participant providers. The basis for this requirement comes from 42 CFR parts 422 and 423 of the Medicare Program.

UC San Diego Health Accountable Care Network Compliance Training
This file is accessible without AD login. After completing the compliance training form, please fill out the Compliance Attestation form here.


2018 Year End Webinar and Presentation
This 30 minute webinar and PowerPoint presentation take ACO participants through necessary end-of-year procedures including the annual compliance submission, annual quality submission, and promoting interoperability attestation. The webinar is available via AD login.

Additional Resources

MSSP ACO Pop Health Reference Guide

– A reference guide for ACO providers using Epic as their EMR. The purpose of this Reference Guide is to provide ACO providers and staff with the Epic workflows for accessing your list of attributed beneficiaries, risk scoring and stratification, viewing a beneficiaries’ Population Healthcare Team (PHT) empanelment status, and referring beneficiaries to the PHT.

MSSP ACO Healthy Planet Link Quick Start Guide

– For ACO providers using a non-Epic EMR, to use Healthy Planet Link portal for beneficiary management. The purpose of this guide is to provide ACO providers and staff with real-time web access to patient information so your practice can access patients' clinical data and communicate with UC San Diego Health to provide high quality, coordinated patient care.

MSSP ACO Quality Measure Quick Start Guide

– Brief instructions for documenting quality measure information for ACO Providers using Epic as their EMR. The purpose of this Quality Measure Quick Start Guide is to provide ACO participating providers and staff with the steps on how to document patient information in Epic to meet the Quality Measure requirements.

MSSP ACO Quality Reference Guide

– Detailed instructions applicable to all ACO providers on all EMRs. The purpose of this Quality Reference Guide is to provide ACO participating providers and staff with the necessary content and recommendations to become familiar with the MSSP Quality Measures and to close Quality Measure Care Gaps. This Quick Reference Guide covers the requirements of the MSSP quality measures, provides clinical recommendations, and electronic health record (EHR) agnostic steps to satisfy each measure, as well as the required documentation needed within the patient chart.