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Partnering in an evolving healthcare landscape

Our Providers

UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network is a collection of individual physicians, practices, and hospitals serving San Diego, Riverside and Imperial Counties that have come together with UC San Diego Health to improve patient care and reduce overall health care costs. Meet our community Affiliated Network providers.



Building Partnerships

UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network is a collection of individual physicians, practices, and hospitals that have come together to improve patient care and reduce overall health care costs.

What do we look for in network partners?

Affiliation makes sense with providers who embrace the idea of working with UC San Diego Health to improve care coordination for their patients. Select practices that meet high standards for care, patient experience, and reporting on quality indicators and outcomes are considered for affiliation. We make data requests and conduct practice interviews to help in our assessment. Consideration is given to how well practices can collaborate with UC San Diego Health and with others as part of a cohesive, value-based network.

Why are individual practices and physicians affiliating into larger network organizations?

Networking with health care providers who are committed to high-quality health care can improve health care delivery. Patients, payers, and health care providers all benefit when the there is more coordination in patient care.

How to Join the Affiliated Network

Affiliated practices have gone through a rigorous assessment process to ensure they meet the high standards for patient care, patient satisfaction, and reporting capability on quality measures and patient outcomes.

UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network affiliates have agreed to:

  • Must be board-certified physicians.
  • Actively participate in the Affiliated Network’s governance committees.
  • Regularly attend Network Performance Collaboratives.
  • Continually monitor best practice care protocols and patient experience.
  • Use a federal-certified EMR system and actively share population health information from their EMR to support care management.
  • Meet and comply with our data-sharing requirements and quality reporting initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more about the UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network, please contact us.

Our partners in the UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network collaborate with us to deliver the highest quality, coordinated care in the region.

Advantages of Affiliation

For more information about the benefits of partnering please contact us.

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Quality Initiatives

The Affiliated Network’s clinical programs continue to evolve over time as we adopt and report quality measures. The FTC requires we maintain mechanisms to monitor and control utilization of clinical services. These mechanisms are designed to control costs and assure quality of care. We develop and launch data-driven quality programs that seek to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and prevention efforts.

The Network Performance Collaboratives develop and define clinical programs to address the needs of specific populations we serve. These are designed to improve outcomes for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer and other conditions. We support programs that focus on disease prevention and health promotion, such as cancer screening and immunization efforts, as well as programs that seek to reduce unnecessary utilization and reduce readmissions.

The UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network is committed to patient satisfaction, and we recognize that patient satisfaction is a critical measure of quality. Data on this important measure is also requested by payers. Affiliated practices can leverage UC San Diego Health’s patient satisfaction survey tool in order for the Affiliated Network to provide standardized outcomes data on patient satisfaction to payer partners.

We develop clinical pathways that define our standards of care, using evidence-based guidelines to inform treatment decisions. Protocols are shared across our network and updated as new evidence indicates better care processes. We embrace data-driven process improvement, collecting and disseminating information across our network to proactively manage populations of patients we serve. These network components are critical to the success of the network’s payer partnerships, including Shared Savings Plans.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about the UC San Diego Health Affiliated Network, please contact us at 858-249-0279 or physiciannetwork@health.ucsd.edu, or use the form below and we will respond shortly. Thank you.